CASA for Kids, Inc.

Child Advocacy
The purpose of the Child Advocacy program is to advocate for children that have suffered from abuse and neglect in the Juvenile Dependency Court System. This program is provided by recruiting, screening, training, and supervising community volunteers to become Court Appointed Special Advocates who will advocate and provide a voice on behalf of the child. This program is important because there is a need for CASA to oversee cases for children in the court system. Children experience trauma when they are abused and neglected. A child can also experience trauma when placed in multiple foster homes or languish in placement. A CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) keeps the Judge and court focused on the child's sense of time to ensure a safe and permanent home. The CASA volunteer informs the court of any health deficits a child may have or services they may need. Physical, preventative care, or mental health care are assessed to make certain a child's health needs are addressed.