Catholic Charities

Basic Needs Assistance
The Basic Needs Assistance program provides clients with emergency assistance of utility payments in times of crisis. This program is important because it is helpful to families finding themselves in temporary hardship and forced to cut essentials from their budgets to prioritize debt. This program provides essential provisions and utility assistance for residents in Washington County. It provides the most basic of needs for those who struggle to have enough to live their lives without pain, isolation, and hunger with assistance for essential services such as natural gas and heating oil, water, sewage, and electricity. 

Family Therapy 
The Family Therapy program equips individuals, couples, and families of all ages with the means to improve their mental health. This program is provided through counseling services that offer creative solutions to mental health needs including trauma, anxiety, depression, counseling, and therapy (in person and via teletherapy). These counseling services provide people with a path to make strides in behavioral health, stress tolerance, and other specific emotional or interpersonal problems. This program is important because it provides low-cost counseling by a licensed psychologist. Catholic Charities stands ready every day to support and care for those who reach out and trust us with their anxieties, their challenges, their problems and most profoundly their lives and their families regardless of religious affiliation.