LeMoyne Community Center

Camp Challenge with STEAM Program
Lemoyne’s Camp Challenge serves approximately 200 at-risk and under resourced youth in Washington County Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for 8 weeks with programming at no cost. Camp Challenge provides at-risk youth in Washington County with positive, fun, and healthy interaction while providing educational and recreational opportunities for personal growth. Lemoyne Community Center’s Camp Challenge is 8-week summer camp offering recreational and educational opportunities to at risk and unserved Washington County youth. Camp is held Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Campers receive a healthy breakfast, lunch, and a snack each day. Activities include tennis, archery, art, music, Girl Scouts, life skills, swimming, cooking, field trips, and much more. During the 2-year funding period, 

Homework and More STEAM Program
Lemoyne Community Center’s Homework & More afterschool program serves approximately 80 youth in grades K through 12 from various local school districts in Washington County. The impact of the Homework & More with STEAM program will be the youth will excel in their academics and extra-curricular activities. Homework & More assists at-risk youth to become better students overall, receive training in subjects of interest including STEAM, become more focused in their education, and develop more confidence and self-esteem in their abilities and hopes for their futures. In addition to helping with schoolwork, Homework and More offers a variety of enrichment classes to further supplement student education. Enrichment classes may include book clubs, tennis lessons, African Drumming, life skills, Girl Scouts, cooking classes, sports, recreation, and much more. Students also receive a nutritious dinner and a snack every day. Education is our top priority, and we emphasize the completion of homework assignments utilizing the assistance of teachers, college students, and volunteers. We also maintain contact with designated personnel from the children’s schools to monitor student needs and progress. 

Mobile Feed and Nutrifit Program
This program is designed to ensure that youth across Washington County receive nutritious meals, nutrition education, and plenty of exercise during the summer. Lemoyne Community Center’s Washington County Mobile Feed and Nutrifit Program is providing approximately 500 under-served youth with nutritional snacks and meals during the summer plus nutrition and exercise education. This program improves the lives of youth in Washington County by providing not only healthy meals but through educating youth on how to provide their bodies with the nutrition and exercise they need to reach their full potential.