SPHS / Connect

STTARS Program
The STTARS Program provides free counseling, medical advocacy, legal advocacy, 24-hour hotline and primary prevention education and outreach programs to Washington and Greene Counties. This program is dedicated to recovery, justice and educating these communities on how to end sexual violence. While there are other programs in the community available, STTARS is different due to its medical and legal advocacy, hotline, and education services. The STTARS Program serves all victims of sexual violence as well as family members and significant others whose lives have been impacted through these crimes. Prevention services benefit communities at large by reducing vulnerability to crime. 

Washington Housing Program for the Homeless
The goal of the Washington County Housing Program for the Homeless is to provide safe, affordable housing and housing related case management to homeless households in Washington County. Homelessness continues to be a significant issue across Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Washington County Housing Programs for the Homeless provides housing for individuals and families across Washington County who have struggled with homelessness and housing insecurity. This program offers housing units to participants who would benefit from intensive case management and support while working towards independence via long term program participation, while other units meet the needs of those who have experienced a temporary hardship that led to them becoming homeless, needing housing and supportive services for a few months before they are ready to graduate and move on from the program and assume their lease.

Washington Family Shelter
The Washington Family Shelter improves the lives of homeless families with children in Washington County by providing safe, secure emergency shelter and case management services. This program is provided through the family shelter where families enjoy their own private bedroom while sharing common areas such as dining facilities, kitchen, and bathroom. This program is unique because there is an abundance of homelessness, and this is one of two homeless shelters in Washington County. Connect, Inc.’s Washington County Housing Program for the Homeless is a combination of both permanent supportive housing and rapid rehousing units and provides long term, safe, affordable housing for up to one hundred and one (101) homeless households in Washington County. By offering different levels of care via these two distinct housing models within the homeless housing continuum, Connect, Inc. can tailor services to meet the unique needs of each household in the program. This individualized, client centered approach is invaluable and allows for specialized, trauma-informed housing case management.