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Crossing Point
The Crossing Point program provides critically needed long term safe and affordable housing to chronically homeless disabled adults in Washington County. This program is providing permanent supportive housing to up to 20 chronically homeless single adults who have one or more physical health, mental health, substance abuse, or developmental disabilities that directly and negatively impact their ability to obtain and maintain housing without support. This program is unique because homelessness is a significant and ongoing problem in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area. The outcomes of this program are to support and assist its residents in order to allow them to remain in housing and not become homeless again in the future. 

The STTARS Program provides free counseling, medical advocacy, legal advocacy, 24-hour hotline and primary prevention education and outreach programs to Washington and Greene Counties. This program is dedicated to recovery, justice and educating these communities on how to end sexual violence. While there are other programs in the community available, STTARS is different due to its medical and legal advocacy, hotline, and education services. This program leaves 84% of participants saying it was “well worth their time.”

The Incredible Years Parent Training Classes
The Incredible Years Parent Training Classes help to create a positive child and parent relationship and promote social, emotional and academic competency before the child is an adult. Through this program parents and guardians are provided with educational opportunities that develop leadership, education, communication skills, and quality of character. This helps to lead their children to academic success and create active parent involvement between home and school. This program sets goals that are being achieved at least 12% higher than the predicted outcomes. 

Washington Family Shelter
The Washington Family Shelter provides emergency shelter and intensive housing case management to homeless families for approximately $59.89 per person per day. This program is provided through the family shelter where families enjoy their own private bedroom while sharing common areas such as dining facilities, kitchen, and bathroom. This program is unique because there is an abundance of homelessness and this is one of two homeless shelters in Washington County. The outcomes the staff strives for with this program are to assist them in obtaining and maintaining benefits, increasing their income, and linking them to any necessary community-based services and supports.