SW PA Legal Aid

The Project to Remove Employment Barriers 
The Project to Remove Employment Barriers program provides the emerging need to address criminal record barriers to employees. This program is provided through a former public defender who will lead the project by reaching out to and educating residents and those government and social services that serve those residents, for purposes of public education and referrals for representation. This program is important because there is no other program in Washington County that provides record barriers. The outcomes of this program include clients' criminal records being removed, enhancing their chances at employment or better employment. There are also outcomes for the community such as more people working, people working in better and higher-paying jobs, less reliance on public assistance, greater likelihood of recovery for those overcoming addiction; secondary benefits of employment for households, including children; and fairness to our fellow local residents who are seeking to maximize their work capabilities. 

Victims of Domestic Violence Representation Project 
This program provides help to victims of domestic violence. The program is provided through clients calling and coming into the office for an assessment procedure. This program is important because there is limited knowledge of available services for domestic violence cases. The outcomes of this program include clients receiving legal and counseling services, including representation in court on Protection From Abuse petitions and, also for the community, are the provision of services aiding individual victims in the cessation of domestic violence will improve the community through communicating to members of the community.