Transitional Employment Consultants (TEC)

Transition from School to Work
The Transition from School to Work program prepares students with disabilities and enhances opportunities for high school graduation and successful transition into the adult world of work. TEC Education Center is licensed and regulated by the PA Department of Education, as a Private Academic School, which provides a unique programming option for a specialized group of students with disabilities that would likely drop out. Students complete academic, vocational, transition, workplace readiness, self-advocacy skills, and social skills lessons to strengthen their ability to meet goals. Activities include completing job applications, writing resumes, participating in mock interviews, learning tools for success, and how to maintain employment. This program is provided through the TEC Education Center and Community Based Vocational Instructional Program and is unique because it helps with the dropout rate statistics of high school students. The program’s primary purpose is to provide vocational and educational opportunities for students to gain the necessary work skills that will give them the ability, as well as the self-confidence, to become productive and contributing members of the community.

Supported Employment Program
TEC’s Supported Employment Program improves lives of people with disabilities by assisting individuals with mental health needs, substance abuse needs, and physical disabilities to acquire skills necessary to secure and retain competitive employment. Clients are provided with vocational and career exploration; job readiness training; community-based work assessments; job finding services; job support services and learning how to balance work with recovery. This program is provided through community-based work assessments, job finding services, and job support services. This program is unique because it helps assist individuals with disabilities to acquire the necessary skills to secure and retain competitive employment.