Washington City Mission

Crabtree-Kovacicek Veteran’s Center
The Crabtree-Kovacicek Veteran’s Center is a 22-bed house for homeless veterans, with an extensive array of services that allows our veterans to grow and heal with other veterans and lead them back to independent living. This program in unique because it is the only veteran center in Washington County and the other veteran centers are located in Pittsburgh and most veterans say that they will not travel to the Pittsburgh VA to get the support and care they need. The results of this program in using the HEIRS model resulted in 59% housing success, 56% employment success, 88% income success, 66% addiction recovery, 76% mental health recovery, 86% medical recovery, and 77% spiritual recovery. 

Medical Clinic
The Medical Clinic provides medial assessments on all men, women and children in residence that includes referrals, medical management, and health education. This is provided through volunteer physical therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors. Centerville Clinics also provide medical care 3 days a week. This program is important because many of the homeless residents come in with complex medical issues that require active care from and follow-up from a primary care physician. 

Men’s Shelter
The Men’s Shelter provides an environment to residents who have a lack of housing, income, and a supportive spiritual environment. While men are enrolled in this program, they benefit from receiving food, shelter, medical care, legal assistance, counseling and case management, outside referrals for problems that can't be solved in-house, and educational programs focused on recovery, job training, internships, and parenting. This program is unique because it focuses on the root problems of homelessness and helps male individuals seek the help they need. The outcomes of this program resulted in using the HEIRS model which resulted in success in housing of 78%, success in employment of 66%, income success of 61%, addition recovery of 71%, mental health recovery of 73%, medical recovery of 70%, and spiritual recovery of 50%.

Women with Children Shelter
The Women with Children Program focuses on the recovery of the whole person. This program is provided through an environment that that allows the residents to grow and heal and lead them back to independent living. This program provides food, shelter, medical care, legal assistance, counseling, and case management. This program is unique because women are the fastest-growing homeless population in the US and the primary reason it is needed is because there are few shelters in the Southwestern PA region for women and children, they are constantly full, and have a long waitlist. The results of this program are 91% housing success, 71% employment success, 72% income success, 62% addiction recovery, 73% mental health recovery, and 61% spiritual recovery.