Board of Directors

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2019-2020 Board of Directors


Jim Lyle, Chair
Gary Kissinger, CPA, Treasurer, Chair/Finance Subcommittee
Janet McQuaid, Esq., Secretary, Chair/Policy Subcommittee
Cindy Dorazio, Vice Chair/Community Services Committee
Sara Botkin, CFP and Lester Botkin, CFA, Co-Vice Chairs/Resource Development Committee
Joe Willebrand, Vice Chair/Administration Committee
Sharon Russell, Past Chair, Chair/Fund Distribution Subcommittee

Board Members

Danielle Cornell
Craig Cowieson
Sheila Cowieson
Grace Dalmolin, Chair/Marketing, Communications & Special Events Subcommittee
Randy Durr
Joseph H. Frantz, Jr.
Ted Gallagher, Esq.
Tom Loadman
Justin Rubenstein, Esq.
Lori Szallar
Ruth Anne Williams

Executive Director

P. Ann Hrabik, MBA, CFRE