Board of Directors

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2019-2020 Board of Directors


Jim Lyle, Chair
Gary Kissinger, CPA, Treasurer, Chair/Finance Subcommittee
Janet McQuaid, Esq., Secretary, Chair/Policy Subcommittee
Cindy Dorazio, Vice Chair/Community Services Committee
Sara Botkin, CFP and Lester Botkin, CFA, Co-Vice Chairs/Resource Development Committee
Joe Willebrand, Vice Chair/Administration Committee
Sharon Russell, Past Chair, Chair/Fund Distribution Subcommittee

Board Members

Danielle Cornell
Craig Cowieson
Sheila Cowieson
Grace Dalmolin, Chair/Marketing, Communications & Special Events Subcommittee
Randy Durr
Joseph H. Frantz, Jr.
Ted Gallagher, Esq.
Tom Loadman
Justin Rubenstein, Esq.
Harlan G. Shober Jr.
Lori Szallar
Ruth Anne Williams

Executive Director

P. Ann Hrabik, MBA, CFRE