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United Way of Washington County Donor and Data Privacy Policy

The United Way of Washington County (UWWC) values and takes great efforts to respect and protect the privacy of our donors.  We do not sell, rent, or share our donors’ information unless requested by the donor. Our donors’ information is not shared with any third-party entity.  If a donation is processed through a third-party provider, the donors’ information is used only for purposes necessary to process the donation. Donors trust us with their information received both online and offline, on any platform including but not limited to, website and mobile applications, electronic, written, or oral communications.  

Donors’ personal information may consist of name, address, telephone number, and email address.  When information is received from donors, it is used for acknowledgement of pledges, donations, and informative purposes.  It is not shared for any reason unless permission is granted by the donor to share such information.  If a donor wishes to remain anonymous, we honor that wish.  If a donor desires to be removed from our data, we abide by that desire.  Furthermore, donors can review and update their information.  Donors also have the option to opt-out of communications messaging (messages through Constant Contact, name listing in annual report, etc.) at any time.  Donors requesting any of these options may contact us at office@unitedwaywashco.org.  

We are committed to data security of the information we collect. This means preventing unauthorized access, maintaining data accuracy, and ensuring the correct use of information. Security measures consist of monitoring the firewall which prevents unauthorized parties from accessing our internal database and ensuring that only authorized staff members have access to it. In addition, our website is secured in protecting the donors’ information.  When donors choose to donate through our website, their sensitive information (credit card information) is encrypted and protected. 

The UWWC values its relationship with its donors and takes these measures to ensure their continued trust in us.  

The UWWC Donor and Data Policy is reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors. 

United Way of Washington County’s Statement of Diversity and Inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion are key components to achieve our mission, to unite people, resources, and organizations to improve lives in Washington County. They give strength to our vision of a community where everyone achieves their human potential through education, financial stability, and healthy lives. We are ensuring that everyone in our community, no matter their uniqueness, can LIVE UNITED and to be a part of our efforts as we advance the common good. We do this by building a community that offers quality of life for all, regardless of race; color; ethnicity, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions); age; citizenship; national origin; religious creed; non-job related handicap/disability status, (mental or physical); or relationship or association with persons with handicaps or disabilities;  use of a service animal because of the blindness, deafness or physical handicap of the user; sexual orientation, veteran’s status, genetic information; or having a GED rather than a high school diploma.

We stand against racism and ethnic discrimination.  We denounce all forms of oppression in our community.  We recognize that for the well-being of our community now and in the future, that people of all races and ethnicity should have equal access to education, financial stability, and health in our community.  We welcome diversity and reject influences that may cause harm or unequal treatment to others on basis of race or ethnicity. We adhere to this commitment through our funding, personnel, and board policies, and institutional practices. Through our understanding of our unique differences, we become a stronger community.

Through the efforts of the United Way of Washington County’s Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers, we are enriched when we strive for an inclusive environment of diverse individuals and organizations in all aspects to LIVE UNITED.

The United Way of Washington County Diversity and Inclusion Policy is reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors every two years. 

Designated Gift Handling Policy

The mission of the United Way of Washington County (UWWC) is to unite people, resources, and organizations to improve lives in Washington County.  In consistent with our mission, the purpose of the Designated Gift Handling Policy of the UWWC is to define the choices available to donors to designate how their gifts are to be distributed. There are four ways that a donor can chose to donate, gift to the Community Impact Fund, an unrestricted gift, a gift to another United Way, and a gift to a specific nonprofit. 

First and foremost, donors may direct their gifts to the Community Impact Fund. They have the option to designate within the fund to a specific focus area of education, financial stability, or health, or a combination, if desired. Donations to the Community Impact Fund are an effective way to allocate funds based on community. It is fulfilled through the funded programs of partner nonprofits identified every two years through a comprehensive grant process. For the donor, it is a convenient way to directly help those community individuals in need who receive health and human services in Washington County. The funding process of the Community Impact Fund is detailed in its requirements and ensures accountability throughout the funding period.  As described in length in our Community Impact Grant Fund Policies and Procedures, there are eligibility and process requirements for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to receive funding through the Community Impact Fund.  These requirements are detailed and reviewed by our Board of Directors every two years. 

Donors also have the choice to make an unrestricted donation to the UWWC.  This type of donation, if not otherwise stated, will be directed to our Community Impact Fund. We understand that some donors wish to direct all or a portion of their gift to a specific nonprofit that is consistent with their own priorities. Individual donors have this option to restrict and designate their gifts to a one or more 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whether it is a current partner nonprofit or otherwise.  We are committed to process these restricted donations as a service to our donors, but we are unable to guarantee how designated funds to a specific nonprofit will be used, or how they ensure measurable results.  In addition, often employers will donate in the form of a match in conjunction with their employees’ donations when a Workplace Giving Campaign is held. An employer match, when available with a donation or pledge, does not follow donor-directed contributions and is directed to the Community Impact Fund except if we serve as the Campaign Processor of a Workplace Giving Campaign.  Serving as a Campaign Processor may include multiple locations of the same corporation that are served by other United Ways.  As the UWWC is increasing our role as the processor of corporate Workplace Giving Campaigns (corporations with multiple locations outside of UWWC service area) and not only as a manager of local Workplace Giving Campaigns (corporations with no locations outside of our service area), if there is a corporate match, any corporate match to employees’ donations or pledges will be directed to that area’s local United Way effective with the FY2022-23 Campaign.

 In compliance with United Way Worldwide membership standards, donor designations will be assessed a fee to cover UWWC’s administrative costs.  The processing fee, which is a percentage of the donation, is listed on each campaign year’s pledge form. The amount of the fee applied is within a minimum and a maximum amount per donation. Both the processing fee and amounts are reviewed and determined by the UWWC Board of Directors for each campaign year. 

In addition, due to those administrative costs associated with processing restricted designated gifts, the UWWC Board of Directors also reviews and determines a minimum cumulative amount required for each donor’s restricted designation(s) administered through the pledge process. This minimum cumulative amount is listed on each campaign year’s pledge form. If a donor pledges a lesser amount than the minimum cumulative amount required, the pledge is directed to the Community Impact Fund.  It is noted that distribution of dollars from pledges can only occur from dollars that are collected. Donations made through restricted designations do not affect the funding to partner nonprofits of the Community Impact Fund.  Donors also have the choice to designate a donation to another United Way.

To be eligible to receive donor designations from the United Way of Washington County, a nonprofit organization must meet the following criteria before it can receive donations:

  1.  A nonprofit organization must provide health or human services
  2.  A nonprofit organization must be location in Southwestern PA, Northwestern West Virginia or Southeastern Ohio.
  3. An organization must be tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Service Code, Section 501(c)3 and provide proof of that status to the United Way of Washington County or to another United Way, if received through this way.  
  4. An organization must show proof of compliance with the USA Patriot Act through completion of the Anti-Terrorism Compliance Certificate. 
  5. An organization must provide UWWC with a current Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form.

The United Way of Washington County Designated Gift Handling Policy is reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors. 

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