Boy Scouts, Laurel Highlands Council

Scouting Program for Underserved Youth 
The Scouting Program for Undeserved Youth provides help to young people build character, learn citizenship, and develop personal fitness. This program is provided through Boy Scouts of America through a vigorous outdoor program and peer group leadership. This program is important because the Washington County area has 21% of people below national poverty level and this program will provide opportunities for these children to learn and grow into effective leaders in the community. The outcomes for the Scouting Program for Underserved Youth are: After the new unit is created and sustaining, the first outcome will be for 50% of the youth enrolled in the program to earn one rank within their first year. For an Exploring unit, 50% of youth enrolled will complete 5 lessons of the program in one year. The second outcome will be for 25% of parents/families of the youth to become actively involved by participating or engaging in volunteer opportunities in both a traditional and exploring unit.